At times, I don’t understand how I can hold so much love for someone who has hurt me time and time again. I possess this eternal fondness for a man who’s shown me nothing but rejection– a man whose emotions have always been up and down.When they were up, however, he’d never turn to me– I, the one who hath loved him since I can remember. I cannot recall my life before you. We were children– young innocent children– with so much ahead of us. We had so much to look forward to, so many people to meet, yet we instead grew more and more attached to one another. I can in no way fathom my life without you. That is because beyond the love, the lust, the warm touches, your gentle kisses to my forehead, you were my friend– my most loyal companion, at that. That is why I cannot and will never be able to let you go. I see above the hurt that you have caused me. I see your horrific jokes that still manage to make me cry of laughter. I see the smile on your face when you gaze at something you deem to be so beautiful. I see the look of worry that takes form when someone even mentions anything involving heights. I see your smirk when you first asked me if I liked you when we were both mere juveniles. I see all the good and never the bad. You have broken me– of that I am sure… but you have also mended me back together every single time.


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